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Steve Wauson


Photo Steve Wauson - BuilderSteve Wauson’s career as a builder spans over 20 years in the high-end field of custom homes. In time, this has allowed him working with many prestigious architects, designers and craftspeople, from Central Texas to Seattle. His commercial work has encompassed from restaurants to the installation of a CT scanner for a veterinary.

Wauson defines his role in the building industry as one of helping others to complete their vision. “I am certain that I can contribute to positive change in the homebuilding industry,” says he.

Steve’s deep-rooted belief is that of “professional expertise must always instill value to the finished product.” Meticulous attention to detail, and adherence to old world traditional craftsmanship are the trademark traits of his building style.

“My goal is to complete ten projects in the next ten years, each one unique and groundbreaking.” Says Wauson, defining his involvement on future projects.


The builder grew up in Houston and started working in his father’s architectural office, observing how his elder designed practical, easy to build, moderately priced homes. Houston with its flat ground —50 ft. above sea level, black gumbo soil —clay, hurricane and flood risk, heat and high humidity, taught young Wauson’s resourcefulness and patience.

Austin, Texas

Austin, presented him with a different set of challenges. While building high-end homes and doing remodels along the picturesque hill country, he quickly found out that limestone, clay and sandy loam do not mix well. In addition floods, forest fires, tornado risk, hot humid summers —and many times cold winters, made of him and his crew, seasoned veterans.

Washington, Seattle

Wauson did not fathom what destiny held in store for him. He went north and spent eight years building luxury abodes and remodeling properties in Seattle. There, in the midst of a hilly to mountainous landscape, he dealt with sandy loam and rocky soils; plus earthquakes, high winds, floods, landslides, volcanoes, extreme rain and humidity.

Harsh winters, sometimes kept the ground frozen during winter. It was a tough nevertheless rewarding experience. Many building materials were available in one area but not on the other —a common occurrence in his trade. “Washington is about basements and staying warm and dry. Texas is about keeping cool and dry. Despite of their differences both places are at the forefront of the green building wave.” Says Wauson.

Dynamic Reprographics

In 1975, fresh out of the University of Texas, at Austin, Steve Wauson founded Dynamic Reprographics. In only 4 years, Dynamic Reprographics became the largest volume blueprint shop in Central Texas. In 1983, Wauson sold the business to Lisa Tipps and Dick DuBois, long time friends and co-workers.

Today, owned by Tipps, Dynamic Reprographics still outputs graphic reproductions, provides storage, sells supplies and offers related services to Austin’s best Architects and Engineers. Dynamic Reprographics success is rooted in Wauson’s trademark principle: “provide the best service and best quality at a fair price.”

Mold and Asbestos

“Quite a few of my remodel projects through the years revealed mold, asbestos, lead, radon and other hazards. From them I’ve learned not just about abatement, but also how to prevent conditions conducive to problems.”

“Mold spores are ubiquitous. Give them proper temperature and humidity, along with organic material to consume and mold will thrive. Keeping structures dry and limiting consumable materials in key areas will always maintain structures sound and healthful.” Explains Wauson.

He has served on two mold related committees for the Austin ISD. In 1999, when serious mold and air quality problems were found at a large number of local schools, Wauson was appointed member of the Health and Safety Bond Committee. The HSBC successfully worked with district staff to establish a bond package to correct mold and air quality problems at Austin schools.

Later he served on the Citizens Oversight Committee, which monitored the administration of the above mentioned $50 million bond package. All work was completed on time and on budget —all structures were repaired, adverse conditions corrected and air quality vastly improved. “I brought vast personal experience to this task, but also learned substantially more about mold and air quality."

Back Home

Now, several years back in Austin, Steve Wauson says, “My hands-on-experience includes lots of cabinet making, stair and balustrade building, furniture making, trim carpentry, framing, installing hardwood floors, countertops, masonry, drywall, formwork, flatwork, irrigation, pond building and landscaping/gardening.”

“All told, I’ve learned a vast amount about building. I love to build things, the more interesting and challenging; the better. I have developed a great appreciation for the skills, knowledge, good humor and determination of the many craftsmen and tradesmen that I have had the pleasure and the honor to work with. A day spent on a busy site is always a good day. Go to work, change the world.”

“ I don’t paint. No one is perfect.” He says with a grin.

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Builder's plumb photo illustration

Steve Wauson's trademark is meticulous attention to detail and adherence to old world traditional craftsmanship.

Steve’s deep-rooted belief is that “professional expertise must always instill value to the finished product.”